Friday, July 24, 2009

Today in WTF!?

In light of some of the recent conversations had on this blog about street harassment, I happened upon this story on Feministing.

From BBC:
Pack gathers for wolf-whistling first
On Wednesday, Ireland's first ever wolf-whistling championships were held in Irvinestown, where men dressed up as construction workers and whistled at passing women.

The politically incorrect competition was the work of [Lady of the Lake Festival] organiser, and whistling devotee, Joe Mahon.

"It was all good fun, and we didn't get too many complaints at all - people just enjoyed the day.

Ok. So let me get this straight. Joe Mahon, here, was sitting around a table one day, thinking up events to include as part of this festival, and he gets a brilliant idea. "Gee, I really like to whistle at pretty ladies. That would make a great event! No way this could possibly be considered offensive of just plain fucked up, nope. Not at all. It's golden!"



Anonymous said...

In the news: Free speech once again pisses off thought-control advocates, the feminists.

Amelia said...


Haha. That's all.