Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Carnival of Feminists #2!

Welcome to the second Carnival of Feminists! We received some great posts from all over the internet and are excited to pass them along to you, in no particular order:

At Gal's Guide, Stacy discusses outing herself at work.

David from Goodsoil talks about this week's ELCA Churchwide Assembly and the Sexuality statement up for a vote. Follow them all week to see how the discussion and vote progresses!

Deborah from In A Strange Land takes on the different spheres that religious marriage and state-recognized marriage occupy.

Majorie at Girls Outdoors asks why there are no women in the Tour de France and why the women's Tour de France is virtually ignored.

Mór Rígan from Morrigan Reborn takes on the state of choice in Ireland.

The Truth discusses the Food Saftey Enhancement Act and sees big agricultural corporations attempting to squash small farms.

Erin at The Frisky is not surprised at the difference between real and airbrushed pictures of Kate Moss.

At Jump Off the Bridge, Frau Sally Benz opens up on the ins and outs of her polyamory.

At Deeply Problematic, the privilege of being partnered, like hetero privilege, white privilege, et al, is exposed through experiences of street harassment. Stephanie from The (not so) Little Things responds with her own experiences of marriage (or the highly visable wedding ring) as the ultimate priviledge protector.

Elizabeth discusses the experience of being a woman in IT and how the industry can be more women-friendly.

K Tempest Bradford tells us how to make better magazines and anthologies through intersectionality from

Another limerick on the liberal media from Mad Kane's Political Madness.

At Zero to the Bone, Chally has a great post on a lifetime of not winning when it comes to breasts.

Adventures of a Young Feminists
's Laura looks at pop culture and silencing tactics in schools.

Genevive from UneFemmePlusCourageuse has a lot to say in response to being told that she "believes in body acceptance, which is sort of good, but also, she doesn't seem to get that if some people are told to accept their own bodies, it'll lead to overeating, which later in life will cause heart problems."

Marcella at Abyss to Hope gives some saftey and sexual violence prevention tips for men and women heading off to college.

Since I'm such a huge fan of Mad Men, here's Mad Men Mondays from Feministing, Addicted to Race is a podcast on race that discusses Mad Men this week, Latoya at Racialicious takes on the Twitter feeds of Betty Draper and Carla (the Draper's maid), and Bitch Magazine is freaked out by Mad Men fans and their hardline defense of the show's feminism.

Editor's Pick: Jake at A Mid-week Telos on health care town hall meeting protests, an ideology of the mob, a theology of prostest and the real interests behind protestors (themselves and their money).

Editor's Pick: At Shakesville, Melissa strikes a chord in many of us on the Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck with follow-up.

Editor's Pick: I'm also love love loving this style advice from the cast of Sesame Street.

Editor's Pick: A video on rape culture and sexual harassment by Hard Cover, a Chicago program that trains youth in multimedia skills.

Thanks to all participants! The next carnival is September 2, so be sure to submit your posts!

If you'd like to host, contact Lindsay or Amelia at (firstname).impersonator [at]


Deborah said...

Fantastic work, Amelia and Lindsay. I'm so pleased to see this carnival up and running again. Many thanks for all the great reading you've put together, and for including one of my posts.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Yes, good work! MAD MEN FOREVER!

Christina Hendricks (my imaginary girlfriend) for SUPERMODEL OF THE YEAR!!!! :D

Chally said...

Well done, folks! And thanks for the link.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the link! Amazing to be considered among such great work.