Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Check out this fascinating collection of pictures titled Masculinities by Chad States (some NSFW). When finding subjects, he intentionally left it open to people of all genders. It's a complex picture of the ways people interpret their masculinity. Here are some choice quotes from his subjects:
"The first thing I do when I walk in a room is figure out which male could kick my ass and which female I would like to fuck. Sometimes this is so subconscious it is alarming." - Andrew

"To me, it's about being comfortable with myself. I like the way I look, am comfortable with myself and enjoy being a man." - John

"When I wear men's clothes I feel more comfortable and confident in how I look on the outside which now matches the inside." - Liz

"I am masculine because I abandon women after taking their love. Because when you study Freud you don't let him study you. Because I study philsophy not literature." - Luke

"I want to show that, despite stereotypes, gay men can be masculine too." - Mike

via Jezebel and The Morning News.


Amelia said...

Fascinating find, Lindsay. I think it's really impressive, the way Chad States combines the images with the words of the participants. A great way to show the large variety of ways that masculinity (and gender in general) can be displayed and thought about.

Danny said...

This almost makes me want to take a pic of myself with a similar description.

lindsay said...

I think it's important to clearly articulate one's masculinity - not to define it in terms of what it isn't, i.e. "not girly," but actual characteristics. Or how you see yourself.