Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Carnival of Feminist #3!

Welcome to the third Carnival of Feminists! If you're a student, a teacher, a parent of school-age children, an education buff in America and perhaps elsewhere in the world, then you know that this is back-to-school time (EDIT: thank you to commenter Deborah for reminding us that "not all the world is America")! For all those heading back to classrooms or sending ones off to classrooms, we dedicate this edition to you.

Martha Jackson brings us the 25 Most Infamous Crimes In Modern History from the Best forensic science schools.

Anji discusses her observations on Fat Phobia and Thin Privilege thanks to ♀ Shut Up, Sit Down ♀.

In the same vein, Laura talks about her own thin privilege in Owning My Thin Privilege from Adventures of a Young Feminist.

From Alas, a blog, Maia covers how Dollhouse's November disrupts a standard of beauty, tying together advertising, Sarah Haskins and Joss Whedon at November and Sarah Haskins.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To The White House Fashion Police posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

Stef describes What to expect.... when you weren't expecting as "A brief walk down the highs and lows of an unplanned pregnancy," from The Hand Mirror.

Harpymarx brings us an Interview with Sarah Learmouth - CRASAC (Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre).

Public Address has an interesting post titled Public Address Up Front, which says, "There is no amount of flesh I can expose on a night out which makes me fair game – sorry, the author of my own difficulties. It is, by definition, impossible to deliberately attract unwanted attention: it's unwanted."

Amelia at Female Impersonator shares her thoughts on tattoos, what it means to be a woman with tattoos, and shares about her own feminist tattoo.

Holly tells us about Mormonism that's not Mormonism in How to Be Seriously Frivolous (or, Feminism is For Grownups) posted at Self-Portrait as.

Faith Dow discusses the lack of balance in journalism regarding Black women, telling us that The White Media Sure Loves To Promote Black Woman Angst Don't They? from Acts of Faith In Love and Life.

Frau Sally Benz started an online feminist book club titled Radical Readers & Feminism for Dummies. Check it out and share your thoughts on Persepolis, the first book.

Editor's Pick: Hilary Lister's kicking ass and sailing solo around Britain.

Editor's Pick: Some tips, tricks and resources for people cooking for themselves or one other person. No 3 pound meatloaf here, thank you very much. (Full disclosure: I - Lindsay - wrote this piece for Gal's Guide and I think it's pretty awesome.)

Editor's Pick: If you're not a fan of Speaking of Faith, then you missed out on an awesome podcast titled Revealing Ramadan. SoF also has the space for listeners to write in with their own stories and photos of Ramadan, essentially opening up the program to anyone.

Editor's Pick: Lisa at Sociological Images on the problem of metaphors and penis fencing flatworms. (The video in this post may possibly be NSFW.)


Thanks to all participants for another great Carnival of Feminists! The next carnival is September 16 hosted at Jump Off the Bridge, so be sure to submit your posts!

If you'd like to host, contact Lindsay or Amelia at (firstname).impersonator [at]

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Julie said...

Thanks so much for this, especially the linky love :-)

Deborah said...

Another great carnival - thank you.

If you're a student, a teacher, a parent of school-age children, an education buff, then you know that this is back-to-school time!

Well... not all the world is America. It's the third term of the school year in Australia and New Zealand, and we're about half way through the second semester of the university academic year.

Amelia said...

Very good call, Deborah. You're absolutely right, not all the world is America.

I will edit this post to more accurately reflect that.

Thanks for calling us out!

lindsay said...

Sorry! I work in a school so it's the first day of kindergarten tomorrow. I get blindsided... Thanks!

Anji said...

What a great collection of posts, and thank you for the link. :o)