Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fun: Andrea Gibson

I'm really into spoken word poetry. I especially admire Alix Olson. She originally inspired me to try my own hand at spoken word poetry, and I was able to meet her last year at my college's Take Back The Night event at which she performed.

Last Thursday I mentioned Alix Olson at a meeting of Students Against Sexism in Society (the feminist organization at Knox College), and after the meeting a new member of the group told me that if I liked Alix Olson, I should check out Andrea Gibson's poetry. I did. And I'm in awe.

Here's a video of her performing "Dive."

What do you think? Know of any other awesome poets you'd like to share?


Vertigo said...

Thanks for the post. I also like spoken poetry and I have never heard of Gibson before, so, thanks!
I also recommend Staceyann Chin (, Sonia Renee (, and Gina Lorings (

INTPanentheist said...

My latest post actually references a poem of Alix Olson's.

I adore both her and Marty McConnell, and am very fond of Roger Bonair-Agard as well. I have a friend who got me watching Def Poetry, and I am genuinely so grateful that I'm almost in tears right now, because it's from Def Poetry that I found feminism, among other things.

Amelia said...

Thanks for sharing these other poets. :) I've already started checking out their work, and am really excited about it.

And INTPanentheist, I want to read your latest post, next!

Becky said...

I was going to mention Staceyann Chin and Sonia Renee too, but here's a group of young male poets (Chico Speaks Out Team 2005?) doing "This is for You" dedicated to women which is really moving:

lindsay said...

Jill Scott!

Vertigo said...

I also have compiled a list of spoken word poets on my blog:

Hope that helps!

Amelia said...

Your list looks excellent, Vertigo. Thanks for sharing!