Thursday, December 17, 2009

Woman up, Anon.

To the anonymous commenter who left this comment:

"I like that you moderated my comment that disproved your theory by not posting it. That's really open minded of you. I appreciate your ability to listen to other views. You are such a self centered person, Lindsay."

I just want to give the same speech I have for my voice mail - leave your name and I'll get back to you shortly. Hell, even a psuedonym.

How do I know which anonymous commenter I've offended when there are so many of them? Since it was on the Baby, It's Cold Outside post, I'm guessing you have a problem with identifying the aspects of rape culture present in a holiday song. Do you count this in the War on Christmas?

Also, anonymous comments don't change my mind. Serious rebuttals from actual people do have the potential to change my mind, but as long as it exists in a sphere where you realize that I have the potential to change your mind as well. I listen to and consider thought-out and well-argued points of view. I'm not so stubborn that I refuse to be open to new ideas on a topic. It just takes a little debate.

However, I'm woman enough to write and leave my name. I don't engage in debates with people who can't handle the same standards.


Maria said...

Ok, I will woman up. I was the one who said that you define an entire genre of music with one song that has no actual mention of sex or coercion in it.

I am incredibly open-minded and agree that women should have the same rights as men, but when everything gets twisted to be "This society hates women," then I have problems with the label 'feminist.'

I wasn't trying to be a bitch, but reading over comments, it just seems that you only post comments that agree with you, although I have to admit that I don't know which ones you don't post.

I'll change from Anon to "Maria," and I didn't realize that how I identify was me not having standards.

Amelia said...

Good for your, Lindsay. I just rejected that comment a few minutes ago. I am tired of hearing people who refuse to even attach any sort of distinguishable name to their words whining about everything we do.

lindsay said...

It wasn't my intention to characterize an entire genre of songs based on "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Looking back at the post, I feel the title may have suggested otherwise, so apologies for that. I don't think one song defines a whole genre, just like I don't think one person defines a whole category of people. However, I do have big problems with the subtex of the song, specifically the lines "Say, what's in this drink?/I wish I knew how/To break this spell" and the general coercive nature of the tenor/bass part.

As for rejecting comments, often we face very negative comments from anonymous people who insult our ideas, our blog and ourselves. It's hard to face day in and day out. So when we do recieve honest critiques of our posts, sometimes it's hard to separate them from the comments that exist just to bring us down.