Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've been a little busy as of late, but I wanted to pass along this FML:

Today, I was driving home from college when I saw a couple of
sporty chicks jogging on the side of the road. I honked at them and yelled
suggestively as I do at college, which usually gets a fun flirty reaction from
college girls. It was my next-door neighbor and her 11 year old

Sorry, Fonz, but I'm guessing if your neighbor and her 11 year old daughter don't think it's cute and flirty, neither do the college age girls. Street harassment is harassment is harassment. Getting yelled at from a passing car is rarely fun.*

*Sometimes I think it's fun when good friends yell from their cars. Only good friends and only things they know I would find funny.

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Saranga said...

what, he couldn't tell one was 11?
and what, he's not even trying to hide that it's got fuck all to do with them being attractive or not, her's quite happy to describe them as 'sporty chicks'. so anyone female is considered game, right?

ugh. on sunday I witnessed a couple of 20 yr old flirting with as 14 (approx) yr old. ugh.