Thursday, April 15, 2010

Know what I hate?

When you're trying to co-host a feminist radio show and some guy calls up and asks if he can request a song.

This is not unusual. People call to request songs on the radio all the time.

But when you explain that you host a feminist radio show and that you only play female-positive (or neutral) music and the guy says that he'll call back...and then he calls back asking you to play this song by Ludacris (warning - the lyrics are horribly sexist). Well, I hate that.

When that song was requested by a guy who clearly knew the criteria that Kate and I use to judge what music we play on our feminist radio show, it was annoying. It was clearly an attempt to try to cut us down. Either that, or that guy was really uneducated and had no concept at all about what "female-positive" means. But I don't buy that at all.

This isn't even the worst of what Kate and I have experienced during our three years of hosting the Female Impersonators Radio Hour at Knox College, but it never ceases to be annoying.



Tasha said...

Was it 99 problems but a bitch ain't one? Because he's probably just upset that he doesn't have a girlfriend and so he's using derogatory songs to express his vast sadness and depression that girls don't like him. Sadly, this will backfire as a lot of girls don't like it when men are sexist.

Tasha said...

Oh just kidding, that's Jay-Z, but either way, I think the same theory applies.