Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More from a rape culture

Do you want another example of what rape culture really is?

Looking in the corners of the bathroom I change in at work in case someone hid a camera there.

Didn't even realize how messed up that is until today and I've been doing it for months.

If women aren't safe in their hotel rooms and homes, then how can I be safe in the locked bathroom at my work?


Tiberius said...

WTF???? If I were you I would take pictures of that camera, take it to the police, and have them test it for fingerprints to put that SOB in jail

lindsay said...

I must not have been clear enough - there isn't a camera in the bathroom at my work. I just look everything I change in there to make sure there isn't because there have been so many instances of women being videotaped without their knowledge. It only struck me yesterday that there was something inherently culturally wrong and threatening about that mindset.

Pharaoh Katt said...

I was at a hotel over the weekend, and I did that! In every bathroom, I double checked to make sure there were no cameras.

I only just realised how fucked up that is :/

Tiberius said...

Ah... I can't read. Sorry.