Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Step Up and Step Back" - Hugo Schwyzer discusses men's role in feminism

My second most-recent post at Feministe (The Masquerade: I call myself a feminist, therefore I am a feminist) generated some interesting discussion. One comment by Hugo explained some guidelines for men's participation in feminist spaces, called "Step Up and Step Back."

This is exactly what I want all men who are interested in feminist work to understand, and I think it's an important read.

Hugo elaborates on his ideas here.


Victoria said...

Is it wrong that I fell in love with Hugo via blog comment?

Amelia said...

The same thing happened to me! I was so taken by his words because they rang so true to what I desperately wish "Mike" could have understood, and the fact that they were being spoken by a man reaffirmed my ideas about the necessity of having men doing anti-sexism work, even if some guys are just no good. I was even more excited when he wrote the post elaborating on his comment.

Sigh. :)