Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama Makes "It Gets Better" Video

I have been compulsively watching "It Gets Better" videos, and am super excited that President Obama made one.

Thoughts on what Obama says or doesn't say here? Do you have a favorite "It Gets Better" video?

My personal favorite is Tim Gunn's (and not just because I watch too much Project Runway).

To learn more about the It Gets Better Project and watch some videos click


Anonymous said...

As much as I appreciate any message of hope, I can't seem to move past the fact that this man who is telling me that "my differences are a source of pride and strength" doesn't support my right to marry my romantic partner.

Amelia said...

I have the same feeling, fareading.

I think it's great that Obama is making a statement like this that so so so many people will hear, but I think it would be much more meaningful coming from him if he also, you know, worked a little harder to show the LGBTQI community that he means what he says...

Anonymous said...

fareading, you're being very naive.

The president could very well support that 100%, but presidents introduce bills, they don't issue edicts.

Also, marriage has never been a right. For anyone. You have to get a license, which can be denied should the government wish to do so. That's why it's not an "equal rights" issue, per se.

Because it's not a right. It's a privilege.

Anonymous said...


I was referring to the President's remarks about his own personal views on gay marriage. I am well aware that the man is distinct from the job.

Please don't assume I'm stupid until proven otherwise. It doesn't make me particularly interested in hearing what you have to say.