Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top Ten Bestselling Books by Men (Again)

From a feminist perspective, there are very few good things to say about the Twilight series. However, one of them is that Stephanie Meyer was a rare female presence on the bestseller lists. Now, the top ten books are once again all written by men.

So let's take this opportunity to promote some contemporary female authors we like. My personal favorite?
Sarah Dessen.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Monette, PN Elrod, Karin Lowachee, Rob Thurman, Patricia Briggs, Patricia Bray, Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, and Tanya Huff are all some of my favorite authors. These authors are all fantasy/scifi writers. All of them are gay/bi positive, some even featuring strong gay/bi chaacters as the lead charcter. Some of them have leading women, some don't, but women are complex, three dimensional characters in all their stories.

I *think* they are all white cis women though, so maybe I need to expand my horizons a little. (I know for a fact they are not all heterosexual, though).