Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Civil union bill passes IL House and Senate

Good news from my home state today.

The Illinois House and Senate have both passed SB1716, the "Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act" which would give gay couples similar rights and legal status to other married couples. It is now up to Governor Pat Quinn to sign the bill into law.

For more, read here.


Victoria said...

Yay! I am so excited to hear about this step towards equality and away from homophobia. Let's just hope that Governor Quinn does the right thing now.

Anonymous said...

"Homophobia" is not in any way grammatically correct. Find a new phrase. Yours is offensive to people who *actually* have phobias.

That is to say, a crippling, irrational fear of something.

Not a dislike of, or distaste for.

There's a big difference. I hate asparagus, but I'm not phobic of it. People can hate something without being afraid of it. By co-opting that term, you insult and offend people who DO actually have phobias.

Amelia said...

Governor Quinn is expected to sign it (I keep waiting for news. I'm hoping I'm not missing anything.) because he said he would support such a measure in his election campaign. Still, my fingers are crossed.

And Anonymous, way to go with, you know, not commenting on the post I wrote in any way. Good work, giving the same argument all the other Anons before you used whenever we dared to talk/write about how LGBTQ people in this country aren't treated fairly. Say something original next time. (Further comments along similar lines will not make it past moderation.)

Aeva said...

Amen, Victoria!

I seem to remember hearing that Governor Quinn has delayed on signing the bill until June 2011. I looked briefly for a source, but nothing really stood out, except that news articles reporting the awesome bill stat that it will go into effect in June of 2011.

Amelia said...

Really, Aeva? :( Most of the news I've been hearing about this subject has been online and I didn't hear he had postponed signing it. Not sure if I'm just not reading comprehensive sources, or what. I hope that's not true. :(