Monday, December 13, 2010

Update on My Life (Because I Know You Were Wondering)

Just writing to apologize for how little I have posted lately. Finals are starting over here and I probably won't be able to post regularly again for a little over a week. Just know that I miss my impersonated community very much. Hopefully you and I will be comforted with some posts from my lovely co-bloggers in the meantime.

To tide you over until my return to the blogosphere, here are some of the things that I have been reading to procrastinate studying that you might find worthy of procrastinating with as well:

Jessica Valenti on the
Assange case

thoughts on Glee

Latest from NYT's "Women at Arms" series

December 6th was the anniversary of the
Montreal Massacre (thanks to my roommate for reminding me about this)

First two openly trans judges in the U.S.
were appointed last month

And another amazing feminist friend of mine just brought
this piece by Andrea Gibson to my attention.


Amelia said...

Good luck on your finals! I've missed you.

Amelia said...

Also: I am so glad that someone introduced you to "Blue Blanket." It was the second poem by Andrea that I memorized because it's so powerful. <3

(I've also started a Tumblr blog that is pretty much 90% Andrea. She is so lovely, in numerous ways)