Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Men's Health Feminist Blog

This made my day.

Yeah, you read that right: Men’s Health magazine, full of “how
to have better sex” and “how to lose the belly fat!” advice for men, has a blog
for men about feminism. This unequivocally rocks for three reasons.

First, it’s a sign that the feminist blogosphere has moved into the
mainstream. When feminist verticals like Broadsheet and Double X are either
disappearing or folding back into their original publications, it’s a good
indicator for the future that a mainstream popular men’s magazine has taken up
the feminist cause.

Second, hopefully a blog like this can help de-stigmatize the label “feminist” for readers.

Finally, the blog could help bring men to the movement. For men, feminism and what it entails is rarely discussed outside of a historical context...

You can read the Men's Health Feminist Blog here.


Amelia said...

Is it just me, or does it seem strange that a magazine that is about "omg have better sex!11!" and "lose belly fatz omg!!1!" would have a blog about men and feminism?

I love the idea of having avenues for bringing more men into the profeminist camp, but Men's Health seems to be an odd way to go about it.

I would say the same thing if Cosmo all of a sudden started a feminist blog affiliated with the magazine. It concerns me, the kinds of messages that such a pairing would produce, especially if people are unfamiliar with feminism and more familiar with the magazine.

Tony Wu said...


That's a good point, it does seem a little strange. I wonder how long this experiment will last. On the other hand, there are so few accurate representations of feminism out there that if this is a genuinely feminist blog, we should support it. I will certainly be giving it a chance.

On the other hand, I don't feel this quite makes up for the loss of Broadsheet, which was such a great and provocative series, and introduced me to one of my favorite writers ever, Rebecca Traister.

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