Tuesday, March 11, 2008

China: Children in Crisis

Young Chinese girls are suffering unimaginable horrors due to China's one-child policy. Female fetuses constitute 70% of those aborted in China and those who live are often given up for adoption to live in orphanages in horrific conditions. These young girls are malnourished, beaten, and often starved to death.

So why is China making it more difficult for foreign couples to adopt?

New restrictions are being mandated:

  • The couple must be under the age of fifty.
  • The couple may have no more than two divorces between them.
  • The couple must have been married for at least five years.

  • They must have a net worth of over $80,000.

  • The parents must have a BMI below 40.

These children have the potential to contribute so much to the world. If they are not valued in their own countries, why are they not allowed to flourish under parents who will truly care for them?


Colt said...

Damn Commies!

Geoff said...

Yeah, you take a loaf of bread and get the death penalty, they're overcrowded, and they won't let the accidents leave.

Amelia said...

What does BMI have to do with one's ability to be a good parent? I understand that being morbidly obese means that it would be harder for a parent to be involved with their child, etc., but BMI? Isn't that actually kind of inaccurate in it's classification of people? Gah.

JPR said...

ooh! I know this one!

it's because old fat divorced and newly married poor people make terrible parents!! do i get a cookie?

Oh, and to Amelia's comment, if you want to get technical, BMI is by definition an EXCELLENT way of classifying people.

By their weight.

Anonymous said...

You know, for a white middle aged middle class couple in America (ie, the ones who do the most adopting), these are some pretty damn easy qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Actually illegal international adoptions are rife all over the world, from China to Nepal to Russia to Guatemala to Cambodia. It has sucked children out of their home countries into the arms of desperate rich Westerners. More restrictions, the better. Many of the children that are adopted like that also happen to already have relatives or even a parent or two around that can take care of them, but there is, of course, plenty of money to be made in selling a child to rich Western parents.
By the way, I do not appreciate the comments about China as "commies" or making generalizations about the death penalty in China. So what if it was a joke? it is not funny.