Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carl's Jr doesn't match up to my mom

Because eating right and exercising more means eating a bacon cheeseburger on a mechanical bull.

I don't really consider Carl's Jr. to be any sort of authority on a healthy lifestyle*. I do, however, listen to my mom about pretty much anything. You really want advice on living a healthy lifestyle? Check out my mom's blog for information on healthy eating habits that don't include mechanical bulls. She's got tips and recipes and all sorts of motherly goodness.

*When I use the phrase "healthy living," I mean eating your fruits and veggies, knowing what a portion of food really is, getting an adequate amount of exercise, washing behind your ears... Not an anorexic, workoutaholic, dirty-ears living.


Amelia said...

Wasn't this the same place that advertised their food by having Paris Hilton roll around on a car in a bikini?

I think the message is awful. Yeah. Now we get to equate eating right and exercising (both important parts of life) with some sexualized girl riding a mechanical bull? Not cool.

*I also think it's cute that you linked to your mom's blog! I wish my mom blogged.*

JPR said...

Good lord, i do hope they were kidding. I mean, I was once asked to make a parody of commercials. If I had been thinking along fast food lines this probably would have been exactly what I came up with. And another thing, six dollars for a burger? That's just great economics, kids. Way more expensive to make your own food.

JPR said...

Oh, and nice link to your mom's blog, it looks really cool!

Katie said...

I can vouch for lindsay's mom, she rocks! Lady knows her stuff. :)

Colt said...

Most commercial I watch are boring and more informative than need be. This commercial is perfect. After viewing, Geoff and I bought and enjoyed the Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger. Every red blooded American should consume one!