Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Dialogue on Choice

In case this got lost at the end of my post about This Common Secret, I'll restate it here because I'm sure some of our readers with differing opinions than my own will want to take me up on my offer:

I think it'd be interesting to read This Common Secret from an opposite political stance, something I myself don't do nearly enough. So here's my challenge - if any anti-choice commenter on here wants to read This Common Secret and discuss it with me, I'll read an anti-choice book of your recommendation and we'll discuss that too. I think it's easy to read books you already agree with; it's harder to pick up something with a completely different worldview than your own.

It's a simple deal - I'll read a conservative/anti-choice book if one/some of our conservative readers read This Common Secret. Write up your thoughts on the book(s) and I'll post them here, along with my own.* Leave book suggestions and I'll choose one based on topic and library availability.

* I do reserve the right to edit responses for length and hate speech, but I don't anticipate having to edit anything. Or at least I hope not to, anyway.


The Great American said...

It's not "Anti-Choice", it's pro-life. As a staunch pro-lifer I agree that there is a choice. 1. Have sex and accept the responsibility that comes with it or 2. Don't have sex and you can avoid any unwanted responsibility1 The choice seems pretty clear.

Black Thirteen said...

Having an abortion IS "taking responsibility".

Lindsay said...

First, I'm using the "anti-choice" language Wicklund used in her book.

If you feel so strongly about the issue, suggest a book for me to read.