Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Longshots

I saw this trailer while taking my nieces to Kung-Fu Panda this weekend.  The Longshots is about Jasmine Plummer, the first girl to play in a Pop Warner football tournament.  It looks interesting and I'm wondering how closely the movie sticks to real life.  The trailer makes it look like it doesn't conform to gender stereotypes too heavily and deals with just more than "girl plays sports and everyone gets pissed." The characterization of her and her family seems to be just as important to the plot as the football aspect.

My only (minor) complaint is about a comment the football coach makes after Jasmine threw the ball into an opposing team's player's crotch.  He say, "I guess she's not the only girl on the field," which reduces what it means to be male to simply genitalia.  It implies that damage to a man's penis makes him less than a man and equates masculinity to a penis, which as implies sexual ability.

Anyway, I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts on the film/trailer.  And is anyone else surprised to see Fred Durst directed it?  WTF?


Andrew said...

Um... Lindsay? You don't have nieces.

Lindsay said...

Whatever. My cousins. Those little girls that are related to me.