Monday, August 11, 2008

Adios Amigas (until September)!

Hello Lovely Readers,

I've been pretty much totally absent from the blog the last few weeks because of work and general summer busy-ness. And tomorrow I'm leaving for a three week trip to Mexico, so I won't be writing again until September. I'm going with my friend Melissa to visit her extended family in a small town in the Guerrero province, Coacoyula, and Mexico City. I speak practically no Spanish, and her family speaks no English, so it will definately be an adventure. Hopefully, I will pick up a little Spanish and have some things to write about when I return.

Also, I was in Chicago last week for Lollapalooza (which was amazing; how I love you Amy Millan of Broken Social Scene), and I stopped to get some coffee. While I was waiting, I started talking to the woman in line behind me who had complimented my hair color (I just dyed it from blonde to brown). She explained that she was a male to female transgender woman going through transition, and she was trying to decide what color to do her hair. We chatted for a bit about our favorite make-up brands, hair colors, and the quest for a perfect little black dress. After getting our coffee we parted ways, but it just reminded me about the truth behind the name of our blog. We all have to work to be "women" whether we were born that way or not.

Have a good rest of August! I will talk to you all in September.


Lindsay said...

Have fun!

Amelia said...

Aw, bye, Kate! Will miss you!