Friday, August 22, 2008

Design my next tattoo! Seriously!

I haven't been posting much here this summer, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about feminism, this blog, our readers, or my amazing co-bloggers. Actually, I think about feminism, and analyze things from a feminist perspective almost daily.

But lately my mind has been on permanent body art. I already have two tattoos (one representing me as a pacifist, the other representing me as a journalist), and I want one more to represent me as a feminist.
I've been doing a lot of thinking about possible designs for this tattoo, but I can't seem to come up with anything I'm in love with. I considered a feminist fist like the one featured to the right,
but I am looking for something a little more unique. That's where you guys might be able to help me.

If you are interested in art and feminism, maybe you could come up with a design for my feminist tattoo that will be permanently
inked on my body. Yes, the power is in your hands, artistic readers!

I don't know if this idea will take off, but I thought it would be worth a try! So here are the guidelines:

1) I'm looking for an image (color or black/gray) that positively portrays feminism in a symbolic manner.

2) Aspects of feminism that are of interest to me that you may want to consider: the fluidity of gender/sexuality, activism in the face of patriarchy, weight preoccupation and its harmful effects, fear of the label "feminist"

3) I would prefer the image to be no larger than 4x5 inches (but can be vertical or horizontal, and does not have to conform to any shape) because I don't think I want a tattoo larger than that

4) Submissions (.jpg) can be sent to me along with your name.

5) Approximate deadline: September 30, 2008 (if you want to submit something and this deadline doesn't work for you, let me know)

Anyone who responds to this will have their artwork featured on our blog, and whosever image I choose for my tattoo will have that image featured in the header of the Female Impersonator Blog, and will be given credit for their work. Plus, they will have the satisfaction of knowing that a piece of their artwork will be with me forever and ever. :)

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