Monday, August 25, 2008

RNC Protesting

Minneapolis/St. Paul has been preparing to welcome the RNC to town next week, however, not surprisingly some people are a little unhappy about it. There's going to be massive demonstrations and protests from all different organizations, some peaceful, some aimed at civil disobedience.

My sister sent me this email today (I just flew back from Mpls yesterday so I'm unpacking at school now):
Since I'm sure you're not doing much today (moving all your belongings is a cinch), can
you make me a list of groups I should march with during the RNC?

I've thought of Code Pink, but I'm kinda stuck otherwise. Everyone else seems to be an
anarchist. I want some feminist action.
What do you think of Code Pink?

Anybody have any suggestions? Has anyone demonstrated with Code Pink before and can offer some advice?


Amelia said...

Oh geez. I'm gonna be in the Twin Cities area during the RNC, but I don't have plans on doing any protesting (yet). So this post will be a big help to me as well. Sorry I can't offer anything, though.

Anonymous said...

i protested the rnc in 2004, i wasnt with an organization though, i just went with kids from my school. maybe you could check up on contacting the local NOW chapter?

Goose said...

Just curious, why are you protesting? is there a specific issue, or do you just want to protest?

also, imho if you want to protest as a feminist Code Pink would not be your best choice, they seem mostly focused as an anti-war organization.

Kari said...

Here is what I've found thus far. These are not all feminist organizations, but they seem interesting possibilities.

The Liberty Parade. Not a protest but apparently a "big rolling art explosion" on Nicollet mall in downtown Mlps.
Sunday, August 31st. 1:00-3:00 pm

March on the RNC. Anti-war protest.
Assembly at 11:00 am at the capital. March to Xcel
Monday, September 1st.

14 Women. Move screening. Explores advantages and disadvantages of being a female politician in today's political climate.
Tuesday, September 2nd. 12:30-3:30pm.

My favorite, although not during the RNC.
Planned Parenthood fundraiser with Garrison Keillor, Mayor R.T. Rybak, and Mayor Chris Coleman.
$75 donation gets you a ticket.
September 12th. 5:30-7:00 pm.

A ton of things going on for Code Pink. Here is their calendar.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Kar! I'll repost your info.