Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Female Impersonators Radio Hour, Today!

That's right, folks!

Female Impersonators Radio Hour, the radio show that inspired this blog, will be making its comeback today (Tuesday) at 1:20pm.

Please join us (Kate and Amelia) as we re-introduce our feminist talk/music show featuring the music of:

- Tokyo Police Club
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
- Tilly and the Wall
- Fiona Apple
- Coldplay
- And more!

And discussion of:

- The answer to the question: "Aren't you so happy about Sarah Palin? You're a feminist, right? So you're going to vote for McCain, then?"

- More about why having a vagina does not guarantee our votes this November.

-The Texas judge who included in the provisions of a woman's probation that she not have more children (h/t The Curvature).

-Anecdotes from my encounter with sexism at the RNC and Kate's trip to Mexico this summer.

We love our listeners, so please tune in!
Feminism. Talk. Music. Yay.

Listen here.


Ted said...

im tuned in!

Lindsay said...

woot woot! You should play some Ting Tings too!

Amelia said...

The Ting Tings are definitely on the playlist. We just didn't get to them today. Were you listening, Lindsay? I gave you a shout out when I played Tilly and the Wall. :) haha had to cut the next track short because it wasn't edited. Whoops.