Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ix-nay on the va-jay-jay-nay

I just noticed this because Feministe has a post up about the good thing Cosmo does, but I just want to make one request to all people everywhere:

Can we stop using the word "va-jay-jay"? Seriously.

It's a vagina. Not a va-jay-jay. I'm not 5, nor is my vag. Also, I'd prefer it if they used another adjective than "lovely" - maybe something along the lines of "badass" or "f'in awesome." I'm sure my crotch is lovely, but in public, I'd rather my vag was known for badass characterisitics as opposed to loveliness.

I'd be ok to let that adjective slide just as long as we stop using "va-jay-jay."


Amelia said...

Can I nominate this post for most BAD ASS post title of the year please? Thank you.

Yeah, it is terribly annoying when people refer to the vagina as "va-jay-jay." No better way to make something less legit. Why is it so hard to use the proper name for genitalia?

Anonymous said...

But if you call it a Va-Jay-Jay then it's cute like a puppy for some ducks....Cosmo doesn't encourage women to become comfortable with their vagina it encourages them to view it as another accessory that they use to please the menz.

Brining back my V-day mantra: My vagina would wear some bad ass leather pants

Lindsay said...

Can I just say, yes and yes? Awesome. I think I need a pair for my vag too.

The Great American said...

I gotta say, whenever I hear "va-jay-jay" I think of like a 2nd grade Sex Ed class. I'm a dude and even I'm embarassed when I hear someone say that.

Renee said...

I could not agree with you more va jay jay needs to go. I think that we use these pet names because we have the social understanding that genitals are dirty. I constantly tell my son that his penis and testicles are no different than his arms or his legs. They are body parts and each has a separate but important function that should be respected.

Lindsay said...

It continues the stigmatization of women's genitals and it's just crap. We don't need to be coddled into talking about our bodies, and terms like "va-jay-jay" just make it worse.