Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin the Riveter - I think not

I love Rosie the Riveter - love her enough to have a Rosie action figure and dress up as Rosie for Halloween last year.

That's why it hurts when I see some people have photoshopped Gov. Sarah Palin's face onto Rosie's for various posters.

Let's get this straight: Palin is not a feminist. She doesn't represent any of the ideals that Rosie stands for.

Palin opposes abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. She cut funding for teen pregnancy programs in Alaska. Under Palin's watch, Wasilla rape victims had to pay for their own rape kits, often ranging between $300 and $1200. She supports abstinance only education.

If she supports the Republican platform and John McCain's platform, then Palin will join him in opposing equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. She will join McCain in recieving a zero rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America. Palin will join him (and Bush) in being unsure if condoms halt the spread of HIV and if they should be publicly funded. Palin will support McCain's blatant skewing of Obama's voting record on age appropriate sex education, which includes information on appropriate touching and sexual predators.

She's not a feminist anymore than I'm a rocket scientist. Don't believe the bullshit McCain-Palin is spewing and the mainstream media is either eating up or allowing to pass uncritiqued.

Thanks to pow3rful in the Feministing Community for the heads up.


Amelia said...

Ok, thank you for providing links to this information. Much, much, much appreciated. When I was researching Palin, I kept coming across blogs that stated she was anti-this-and-that bad for this and that without linking much.

Good work on this post.

And yeah, I think people are quick to associate a woman in the position to be the first female VP with Rosie because it would likely evoke a favorable response by viewers. Bah. Poor Rosie...

D said...

That's...actually not a picture of "Rosie the Riveter" at all.

It's a huge common misconception.

The only art officially ever associated with the name "Rosie" was a piece by Norman Rockwell.

That one was never meant to be "Rosie the Riveter", and has only been called so due to a bit of a mistake over time.

This is Rosie:

Sorry for breaking the link up like that, but whenever I don't do it, I've noticed blogger creates chaos where once was a link.

Frankly, I prefer Rockwell's.

She just looks a lot more...real. And more of a badass.

Amelia said...

ha! Thanks for that link! That picture is now the wallpaper on my laptop.

Lindsay said...

Nice... thanks for the link. The Library of Congress just recently put a bunch of photos on flickr:

Some of those include women working during WWII, so they're pretty awesome:

D said...

Haha, no problem.

The "real" Rosie doesn't get enough love.

Hell, what's funny, is that picture coined the name, and most people have never even seen it!