Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush and "Sanctity of Human Life Day"

What are you trying to do, President Bush?

Anger as many people as possible before you leave the White House?
I didn't think you could sink any further, but apparently, I was wrong.

Read the article for yourself.



Michael said...

We all know he's always been against abortion. This is no big shock. Almost every president has used their final days in office to either do some stupid BS that they really shouldn't or do some obnoxious political posturing. He's just "rallying the troops" to fight Obama's babykilling ways.

Amelia said...

I agree. But it just annoys me to no end that he would do something like that when he is no longer President (really) and the incoming President would never do something like this.

Maybe it's my cynicism when it comes to politics in general, expecting people to behave more...graciously?