Monday, February 16, 2009

Shuffle (feminist) Songs: Neko Case

I adore the New Pornographers. All three times I've seen them, though, they've played without their wonderful singer, Neko Case.

Neko Case is awesome, as you will discover when you read this NYT article about her.

Along with being a quietly beautiful songwriter, she is also an outspoken advocate for reproductive rights. She was born to two young parents who had difficulty taking care of her, and she left at fifteen. She got her GED, enrolled in school, and music took her from there.
After she was voted "hottest indie rocker" by Playboy (who knew hipsters read playboy, anyway?), the magazine asked her to pose for them. She said no and later elaborated, "I didn't want to be the girl who posed in Playboy and then—by the way—made some music. I would be really fucking irritated if after a show somebody came up to me and handed me some naked picture of myself and wanted me to sign it instead of my CD."

My favorite Neko Case song is "Margaret vs Pauline" which ends with these haunting lines:

Two girls ride the blue line
Two girls walk down the same street
One left her sweater sittin' on the train
The other lost three fingers at the cannery
Everything's so easy for Pauline
So, basically, read the article and go listen to this amazing (feminist) artist. Also, I can guarantee Amelia and I will be play her on our radio show tonight at 8pm central time!


deb said...

Looking forward to the show tonight, also wanted to say congtrats for the links from feministing and shakesville. keep up the good work.

zooey said...

wow. what a voice. what a story. thanks for the tip-off.