Monday, February 16, 2009

MN school board changes policy on GLBTQ discussions!

I've been out of it for awhile (a cold and a broken laptop, but both are better now), but I want to share a bit of good news. Anoka-Hennepin, Minnesota's largest school district, has revised their official policy on homosexuality. Prior to this change, teachers and school staff were required to say that homosexuality was not a normal or valid lifestyle. It originally was restricted to health classes, but eventually became the policy for students and teachers. For example, a student couldn't talk about her two fathers and their family unless describing them as invalid or abnormal.

Now, GLBTQ topics are addressed “in a respectful manner that is age-appropriate, factual, and pertinent to the relevant curriculum.” No longer are same-sex parents and their families considered abnormal within school contexts! The policy change was worked on by the school board and several GLBTQ organizations in the Twin Cities - OutFront Minnesota and Rainbow Families are quoted in the piece.

Hoorah for the Anoka-Hennepin school district!


Ashley said...

Unfortunately, Minnesota is still very much against gay marriage or gay civil unions. I'm glad to see my home state making an improvement, but as liberal as it is, it's slow in leading the Midwest to progression...

Jeffrey E. Hunter said...

I have to admit, when I read the title of this post I cringed a little...seems these days that those sorts of changes are for the worse rather than the better. It's good to see some good news for a change on this topic.