Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I don't (normally) miss TV: Part two

EDIT: In the ten minutes that it took to write this blog post, this Nutrisystem commercial featuring Jillian Barberie Reynolds was removed from Youtube. Not really sure what happened. Edit part two: Apparently it's back? Sorry!

When I'm at school, I try to limit the amount of TV I watch. But it really seems as if every time I happen to turn the TV on, there's an annoying sexist advertisement on. I came back to the room for lunch today, and Kate was watching TV. In less than an hour, I've seen at least three Nutrisystem commercials, including the one below. The other one that played twice I couldn't find to show here.

There are several issues with this commercial.

First, it uses a spokesperson whose body type is just not going to be achievable for most people looking into the Nutrisystem option.

Second, she tries to sell herself as being into "manly" things, like playing football and eating pizza and burgers. When she mentions a more stereotypically "feminine" type of food (chocolate) she puts her hands around her mouth and lowers her voice, as if its something to be ashamed of.

Third, in the version of this commercial that I saw on TV, there was a website on the screen that read "www.nutrisystem.com/pretty" which gives the impression that the only way a woman can be "pretty" is by having the disposable income to go on a diet plan in order to lose weight.

This just makes my day. Being bombarded with commercials on several different channels that are trying to convince me that I am not "pretty" enough unless I lose some weight. One reason why I normally don't miss watching TV.

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yellowpansy15 said...

I was about to post about this commercial on my blog!

I hate when she catches the football and says, "Now how many women can do that?"

Almost every woman I know can catch a football; its not a man's ball...Ugh, I hate that woman!

Carol said...

The "Before" picture?

She's PREGNANT, not "fat" and her high weight is her pregnant weight.