Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Anxious," "sleepless" man sues organizers of Kenya's sex ban

Remember the sex ban started by women activists of the Women's Development Organization in Kenya as a means of getting political leaders to start working together for the "common good"?

Well, a Kenyan man, James Kimondo, is suing the organizers of the ban for "general damages". The strike ended on Wednesday.

James Kimondo told reporters outside the Nairobi High Court his wife had observed the boycott and caused him "anxiety and sleepless nights".

"I have been suffering mental anguish, stress, backaches, lack of concentration," he said.

The ban only lasted a week. Seriously, Kimondo?


muigwithania2.0 said...

lol welcome to Kenya Hakuna matata lol

Anonymous said...

How would you react if a man denied his wife sex for a week? Would you talk about his misogyny, in "denying her needs"?

Amelia said...


I'm not even responding to your comment, but I am warning you (since I am sure that you are responsible for a vast majority of the anon. comments here that all use the same tactics) that if you cannot focus on the subjects being presented in posts, none of your future comments will be published.

Stop assuming you know what I would say about a topic that I did not bring up in a post and trying to derail comment threads away from the original point of the post.

That's your warning.

I know you will complain about me silencing people who don't agree with me. I know you will say something about using straw-man arguments (that seems to be a favorite phrase). I know you will cry foul repeatedly because a lot of the anonymous commenters on this blog can't seem to stand it when one of their comments gets rejected. All they do is continue to come here and comment more, to no avail. That's part of the price you pay for choosing to hide your lack of interest in real conversation behind the mask of anonymity.

Also, make sure you read the comment policy before you submit another comment.


Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to respond to an anonymous troll, if a man decided not to have sex with his female partner, I don't think any feminists would call it misogyny. It would be called excersising your right to decide whether you want to have sex, a right which males and females both have.

And... yeah. Really? Mental anguish over a week without sex? What did this guy do when he was single?

lindsay said...


How about sex is supposed to be entered into with mutual enthusiastic consent and if one partner isn't into sex (say for a week), then that's just how it is?