Friday, June 19, 2009

Today in horrible.

Bacardi Ad Uses Misogyny To Sell Alcohol To Women.
Wanna look amazing this summer?
Get your hands on the hotness-boosting accessory now:
An Ugly Girlfriend!


Vetiver said...

Sigh. Absolutely disgusting. There is so much advertising aimed at men that is wretchedly dehumanizing, not only in its depiction of women but also in its expectation that it is normal male behaviour to objectify and devalue women. I am proud to have some amazing men in my life who are actively critical of this kind of garbage, but I imagine there are a lot of men who really feel pressured to "be a man" by treating women as if they're disposable. This kind of advertising mistreats everyone. It's no surprise to me that people who create this kind of shit seem to lack fundamental compassion, but damn I wish they had just a little.

Michael said...

Hoooooooooooly crap.

Worst part is, it'll probably work.

Vetiver said...

Oh crap. I thought this post was in reference to another alcohol ad... so my comment doesn't quite fit. I thought you were being tongue in cheek saying they were targeting women (since most of their ads most definitely target men and shame men into treating women like crap). Just went to the Jezebel link. And yes, this shitty Bacardi ad is actually aimed at women! Gross. As gross as most alcohol ads, but a new kind of gross. I'll second what I said before: no compassion. Only a disgusting attempt to shame people (which, alas, is what so many commercials do... fuck).

lindsay said...

The main point of the "ugly" friend is that they're fat. The copy in both of the ads mentions their weight, as if that's the biggest (no pun intended) part of being ugly.