Saturday, September 12, 2009

Link Love

Some linkage for you this weekend:

Here's a piece in the Guardian about rampant rape and sexual assault in a Mennonite community.

Deborah Solomon's interview with Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame about the show, which includes this back and forth:

Personally, I find the show’s rape jokes especially unfunny. In one episode, Peter learns that three co-eds were raped and murdered. He says to himself, “Everyone’s getting laid but me.” Why is that funny?
Because he’s so oblivious. You’re not laughing at rape; you’re laughing at him being an idiot.

In another episode, Peter asks, “Would you rather be black or crippled?” Why is that funny?
Once again, it all comes back to Peter’s obliviousness. If Peter meant that maliciously, then it wouldn’t be as funny. We try to keep it so that there’s an innocence to the way that he conducts himself.

Not buying it, MacFarlane. I really enjoy her simple questions of "Why is that funny?" It's a comedy show and she's questioning not the moral standing or public opinion of the show, but at it's heart, why these things are supposed to be funny. In my opinion, MacFarlane fails to answer these with any conviction.

Also, the next Carnival of Feminists is on Wednesday at Jump Off the Bridge. Submit!

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