Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not all abortions are unwanted pregnancies

Renee's commentary on the ridiculous Judy the talking embryo from got me thinking about another type of choice often overlooked in the abortion debate. She writes, "Choice does not always end in abortion but it does mean that every child that is born is a wanted child."

In addition, not all abortions are unwanted pregnancies.

Sometimes women and families have to make the painful decision to terminate a pregnancy on medical grounds (both mother and child) when the child is very much wanted. Often, these women go to late term abortion clinics and in some states, force fed "Women's Right to Know" bullshit on how much pain a fetus can feel and shown pictures of a developing fetus.

What to know what I think women have a right to know? That they can make their own personal and medical decisions free from another person's judgment, especially during a terrible time such as terminating a pregnancy due to health reasons.

Just one more reason we need to keep reproductive rights safe, legal, and in my opinion, free from pro-life harassment.


BenYitzhak said...

If we insisted on greater accuracy in naming, that "women's right to know" would be better titled "The people's right to attempt to guilt others into not having abortions," which seems downright cruel in cases where it's necessary.

What are the chances of an accuracy in naming act making it through congress? I suppose, though, the real question is what are the changes of an accuracy in naming act being enforceable?

Renee said...

In addition, not all abortions are unwanted pregnancies.

This is something that often gets left out of the debate. Due to my illness, if I were to get pregnant today, would have not choice but to have an abortion. This knowledge is something I carry with me everyday. It is a pain that I must walk with everyday and I am not even currently pregnant.