Monday, October 19, 2009

Ronald McSexy

Hey, let's use women's bodies to sexualize EVERYTHING, mmmkay?

Today: Ronald McDonald.



snobographer said...

Sadly, I'm a little surprised this didn't happen sooner and in the States. I can see the whole Happy Meal gang - Hamburglar, Goblin, and all - morphed into their 'sexy ladies' Halloween costume' versions.

Saranga said...

You're kidding me. They're sexing up a burger? Ugh. that reminds me. I have a picture of the most ridiculous advert ever somewhere, I must post it. It's of a woamn in a bra, heavy make up and some jewelery looking dead seductive while eating some spaghetti. I think it's trying to sell jewellery. I don't get it.

KT said...

seriously? was that a real commercial? and what's with the tomato?

Jenn said...

Women: don't eat the burger you fat ass. Just sell us the burger.