Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Female Impersonators Radio Hour, today 4pm central time!

The first episode of Female Impersonators Radio Hour will be on air today at 4pm central time!

Kate is sick (get well soon!), so Amelia will be the sole host for the day.

Tune in here.
Call in here: 309-341-7441

Amelia will be discussing:
- North Korean government enouraging officials to have babies by turning the lights off at 7pm? (more here)
- her run-in with a homophobic wedding photographer
- the custody battle between Janet Jenkins and Lisa Miller (article here)
- thoughts on bisexuality, and the problems Patriarchy places on women and men who express deviant sexual orientations (article that inspired these thoughts here)
- her "woman of the week" (sneak peek here)

She will be playing (non-exhaustive list):
- Andrea Gibson
- Ani DiFranco
- The Butchies
- The Cliks
- Iron & Wine
- Metric
- Owl City
- Uh Huh Her

Hope you get to tune in!

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