Saturday, January 16, 2010

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New Law Requires Women to Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion
via Feministing

Some people may find the satirical video funny, but the sad truth is that some women DO name their babies and paint nurseries before getting abortions. Most often these are late-term abortions done for health reason where the women very desperately want the child. I can only see this video as poking at an open wound for those women and their families.

Two articles from the Minnesota Independent:

GOP bill could bring "Choose Life" plates to Minnesota
Anti-abortion license plates could appear on vehicles in Minnesota if a new bill passes the legislature this year. Legislators submitted a flurry of new bills on Monday well ahead of the start of the session in February. One submitted by Republican Rep. Larry Howes of Walker would initiate a “Choose Life” license plate program in the state.

Franken bill to give servicewomen access to emergency contraception
“All servicewomen should have the same access to this medication as civilians do,” Franken said. “The fact that more than 2,900 sexual assaults were reported last year in the military—a nine percent increase—only heightens the need to ensure emergency contraception is always available.”

Say what you want about Al Franken, but I've been repeatedly impressed with his actions and bills during his short time in the Senate.

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