Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Troll Patrol: Say What???? Edition

In response to my post about our radio show (which didn't happen due to some bad technical difficulties), I got this utterly confusing troll comment:

There's also no such thing as "bisexuals". You have gay men who don't want to be "out" all the way, and you have college straight women who make out with their friends for drinks.
No such thing.

This same troll also told me that there is no such thing as homophobia.

But according to this person, apparently, there is also only one kind of woman: the "college straight" kind. No other varieties, even if they "make out with their friends." Because they would only do that for drinks. Not as a legitimate expression of their sexual/emotional desires. And as far as men go, well, they're all totally gay. Maybe straight, too, but this person leaves that up for interpretation.



Michael said...

This reminds me of what i thought about the world when i was 15. Some people never grow out of that, though.

lindsay said...

I never understand why people want to make the complexity of the world and the individual complexity of people so ... simple. So one-dimensional. So bland.

Maybe it's easier than recognizing that life is messy and complicated but worth embracing.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that sooo much before and it's disgusting! Men can't experiment at all and that's all women CAN do. Heaven forbid a woman is actually attracted to another woman! That would mean that men are obsolete, I suppose. And we can't have that! Why are gay men seen as disgusting and gay women are "cute" or "hot", or even a joke? I know plenty of guys who think lesbians = threesome. And the girls who really do "make out with their best friend for drinks" are doing nothing to help this sad, sad situation. So there.

Jess said...

This reminds me of the first time I went to Diversity.. Biphobia is the worst. To the gays you aren't gay enough and to the heterofects you aren't straight enough.. its all crap. Can't we all just love each other for who we are? Is it that hard to keep an open heart and an open mind???

Michael said...

@anonymous - And the girls who really do "make out with their best friend for drinks" are doing nothing to help this sad, sad situation. So there.

This is a very common way to view such things amongst people not well-versed in feminism or sociology. A similar viewpoint often prevails amongst people discussing racism and black american culture, manifesting in statements such as "Gangster rap does as much harm to the black community as white racism does." Both statements are rooted in a misunderstanding of the problems at hand, and they often evidence a person who, while often well-intentioned, are less informed than they should be about the topic.

Anonymous said...

@ Micheal,
I do realize that there is much more to this problem than that. And I admit that my response isn't worded the best way. But I do believe those types of actions are a part of the problem when that becomes the only way (more or less) that some guys want to view homosexual women.
My apologies for being obviously uneducated and over-simplifying the problem.

Anonymous said...

The argument above is what has kept me from coming out as a bisexual man, even though I came to accept my orientation several years ago.