Wednesday, March 31, 2010

International Transgender Day of Visibility

I just found out that today, March 31, 2010, is the second annual International Transgender Day of Visibility. The event was started last year as a way to celebrate the lives of trans people.

As someone who has several trans people in my life who I hold very dear to my heart, I was excited to hear about this. In a world where we are (sometimes slowly) making progress when it comes to equality, transgender issues are some that I wish more people were talking about.

For more, check out what Jos at Feministing had to say about this day.

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Michael said...

You probably know about this already, but just in case: being transgendered will no longer be described as a disorder in the next edition of the DSM. The label "Gender Identity Disorder" is going to be replaced with "Gender Incongruence." Awesome, no?