Monday, March 29, 2010

Recommended Daily Reading: Genderfork

The topic of gender has been on my mind a lot recently (see my last post), so when @Genderfork started following me on Twitter, I was really excited. That Twitter account led me to a website that quickly became one of my favorite daily readings.

Genderfork is a really great website that collects photos, quotes, questions, videos, and even does profiles of people who express gender in a variety of ways. I visit this website every day. It's a great reminder of the way in which the beauty of humankind comes from its diversity.

What have you been reading? Feel free to share links in the comments.


Kait said...

I was so happy to see a post about Genderfork on here! Love that blog.

I ran across this open letter to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt on Hufpost today. There have been a number of scathing tabloid pieces about Angelina Jolie's daughter's choice of dress lately. Any thoughts on this letter written by the editor-in-chief of Cosmo magazine?

Amelia said...

I haven't read that piece yet, but I will when I finish my homework.

A few weeks ago I was in a store and I took a picture on my cell phone of a magazine cover (I can't remember which because the pic cut off the title) that said: "Why is Angelina turning Shiloh into a boy?"

I was annoyed, hence the picture. I'll have to read the open letter.

Jeff :D said...

a friend of mine up here in st. paul writes for this website

lots of great ideas!