Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday

Just thought I'd share this music video for "My Secret Friend" by IAMX (featuring Imogen Heap) with our readers.

All of IAMX's videos are creative, but this one is probably my favorite because of the gender play.



Anonymous said...

for some reason this is covering up links and stuff on the right

Amelia said...

Is it? Hmph. When I went to embed it I specifcally tried to make it small enough to fit in the post. And when I view the page it looks fine. I'll try to adjust it a little.

Anonymous said...

Ah I've got it! It works normally on Internet Explorer but covers things up on Firefox

Amelia said...

Hmmm. That does make sense. I used to have the same trouble viewing videos on the blog when I used to use Firefox. I wonder why that is? Thanks:)