Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A screen shot can be considered a post, right?

Because I have a research design to write (among other things), and only 12 days until my summer break, I'll share a screen shot I took yesterday of the Female Impersonator Site Meter log. I thought it was pretty cool.

Thanks to all our readers who make blogging so worthwhile.


Tiberius said...

Keep up the good work!

I saw this article and I thought you might like it:


Amelia said...


And thanks for the link. Brings up some really important points.

Anonymous said...

I always read from an RSS feed, I don't know if that comes up in your stats, but you can prolly add a few more just from that. For example google reader says you have 22 subscribers. :)

Amelia said...

I'll be honest, I have never used an RSS feed or Google Reader, but that's really cool. :) Any way that people get to us is appreciated. Thanks for commenting!