Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanks for bringing people to our blog!

Dear owner of the MRA blog whose link lovin' has been sending people our way,

I appreciate the new readership. Did you know that a hit on this blog is a hit against the Patriarchy (as Kate once said)? I hope people return here to read more, even if they are finding us on your blog, where your tactics for challenging one of our co-bloggers are (to me) extremely distasteful and do a disservice to the cause you support.

Amelia, who stricly moderates comments according to the Female Impersonator comment policy not because she's a misandrist, but because she believes in tact.


Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as "the patriarchy".

Also, one only has to read your spittle and venom to see that you're clearly a misandrist.

If you wish to argue that point, just notice how easily you call anyone that disagrees with you a misogynist, and realize turnabout is fair play, misandrist.

Amelia said...

Hi Anonymous! Welcome to the blog. :)

The Patriarchy, as a concept for critiquing societies where women are not afforded the same rights as men and/or face additional obstacles to recognizing their full humanity because of their sex and/or gender, does indeed exist.

Spittle and venom, eh? Since you give the appearance of someone who reads this blog frequently, please point out some of that spittle and venom that must reek of misandry to you.

And when have I ever called someone a misogynist merely for disagreeing with me? Please point that out as well.