Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My efforts at greater accessibility

I have been working on a post about a Budweiser commercial that has been shown during the World Cup. It's been sitting as a draft on Blogger for a few days now because I am in the process of writing a transcript of the commercial to provide more access to this multi-media post.

I have only recently started my own serious attempt to work on the accessibility issues on Female Impersonator. My attempt is far from perfect or all inclusive at this point, but it is a step toward making this blog more accessible to more people more often. That is something I take seriously, despite my access failures in past posts.

My timing seems to be in line with some other progressive bloggers such as S. E. Smith and Chally at Feministe who have described accessibility issues in general and those particular to Feministe.

However, my personal venture into greater accessibility on this blog was inspired by another blog, Deeply Problematic, whose authors do a great job of making the blog accessible. Their efforts were most notable to me as a person who does not need to worry about accessibility through the captioning all their images.

So expect to see greater attempts on this blog to make all kinds of content accessible, including making links more descriptive, and providing image captions and video transcripts. If you have more questions about accessibility, Chally (linked to above) has a great overview of why accessibility matters. You may also try Googling "web accessibility" as Chally suggests.


Victor said...

It would really be helpful if you made your text bigger, as it is currently the smallest text of any site I've visited, and it is difficult to read.

Amelia said...

Thanks for the comment! I will definitely make sure to increase the text size in my future posts, and will look into possibly trying to increase the text in past posts.