Sunday, June 13, 2010

Living by Seventeen Magazine's rules for young women

I'm a big fan of young women doing amazing things, and today Amanda ReCupido introduced me to Jamie Keiles, a high school senior from Pennsylvania.

Jamie is working on the Seventeen Magazine Project during which she attempts to spend one month applying the advice from Seventeen Magazine to her daily life and blogging about the results.

I think this is a great idea, and really admire Jamie for coming up with it. Magazines feed young women all kinds of rules for making themselves more attractive, more successful, and other "desirable" traits. Jamie's venture is not only interesting but important because until someone tries to live by these rules, who can do more than speculate about the impact they may have on young women?

Not that this would provide definitive answers, but I think it's a step in a very interesting direction.

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Michael said...

I wonder if she was inspired by , which is a similar project, except obviously a year long and also obviously following the rules of the bible rather than Seventeen magazine.