Thursday, June 12, 2008

Racism and sexism are quite alive

I wrote a little while ago about Michelle Obama being blamed for the "Jeremiah Wright fiasco." Amelia commented about her worries about unnecessary attacks on Michelle Obama and illusorytenant replied, "Oh, I'm with you 100% on that. But that's going to happen anyway. Just wait until the general election!"

It's already begun, friends.

First up, from our ever-loving, ever-tolerant friends at Fox News, Michelle Obama is now a "baby momma."

Whoever writes titlecards for Fox should get fired immediately, as well as anyone who approved it and allowed it to air.

Jack and Jill Politics writes:
If this incident generates a lot of outrage, and it should, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes a referendum on Hip-hop and how black people use the word "bitch" a lot, so it's really our fault to begin with that Fox can't be bothered to treat black people like human beings. And of course people will say that the Obamas are "playing the race card" if they object to this kind of coverage.
There's a lot of other blogger reactions here.

Next up, an art installation in an attempt to critique the media:

That picture literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Even better? The art exhibit is titled "The Assassination of Barack Obama" and the artist wanted to "raise dialogue and conversation about substantive things."

When did we start attacking children?

Keep up to date on the latest in election racism and sexism at

h/t to What About Our Daughters who run the Michelle Obama watch.


Amelia said...


I am really glad I have a great crew of co-bloggers who are keeping up with the blogging while I am entertaining three British soccer coaches.

Excellent post on a topic that really needs to be discussed. I don't really understand how anyone could possibly see these things as not harmful and wrong...

And yet the continue...Grr.

Jen said...

I have a lot of friends that thought that the attacks against Hillary were only because she was a Clinton and not because she was a woman. I told them to wait until the general election, because the fact that Michelle Obama is a woman, black, and quite active in politics will spawn the most racist and sexist bullshit known to man.

Looks like I was right!

Habladora said...

Its so sad that one of our best moments in history is also exposing all of our ugliness towards one another. The What About Our Daughters? team is really doing an important thing with their Michelle Obama Watch. Faux New has no shame - it is willing to push hate and fear... for ratings? an effort to keep people friendly to corporate media moguls in office and regulation at bay?

OutcrazyOphelia said...

When racism and sexism come together, they make a really ugly pair. Faux news wants us to know that the Obamas are black first and foremost, secondly we need to know that Michelle doesn't know her place and they're duty bound to remind her.

Baby mama...ugh. So many people need a boot to the head.

Renee said...

SO much for Obamas claim that the civil right movement got us 90% of the way there. Unfortunately is is the women of his family that are going to pay the price of this declaration. Since black women occupy the bottom rung of the racial and social hierarchy the Obama women will present a rich target for the racists and sexists in the media.