Monday, May 18, 2009

Why TV sucks: Part five

Apparently, the use of sex to sell burgers never gets old. The absurd connection never fails to objectify women. It also never makes sense, and never ceases to make me angry.

Way to go, Arby's.

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WongoWoman said...

You can add the that Burger King's ads with women shaking their square butts in the air promoting of all things a Sponge Bob kid's meal. You can also add the Quizno's torpedo sub with the oven asking the moronic employee to "stick it in me". WTF? Who is producing these commercials? Joe Francis? MTV?

Amelia said...

So true. I have seen the Burger King commercial (but forgot about it for this post), but I haven't seen the Quizno one. The horrible thing IMO is that these things pass as advertising. I thought the point was to see the product? What exactly does that have to do with body parts, largely those of women? It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...
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Amelia said...

I keep accidentally posting anonymous comments that break the comment policy. I guess I'm just overly-hopeful. :)