Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A lunchtime conversation among friends

Overheard at the lunch table today...
Boy 1 to Girl 2: I heard Girl 1 didn't like a princess when she was at your house!

Girl 1: I didn't like Jasmine when I went over to your house.

Girl 2: Why not?

Girl 1: Princesses wear long skirts. She had pants on.

Girl 2: Princesses can wear pants.

Boy 1: Yeah, princesses can wear pants!

Boy 2: They can even wear shorts.

Girl 2: Yup.

Girl 1: They could wear underwear outside!

Girl 2: Nope, princesses don't do that.

Boy 1: [mashes up watermelon in his milk glass] Look, I made a watermelon smoothie!

The end.


Michael said...

I like the guy at the end. He seems friendly and down-to-earth.

Amelia said...

Lindsay, I'm so glad we have you on our blogging time. The stories you share about the kids you work with are so telling, and often are very entertaining.