Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why TV sucks: part eight

It is every young girl's dream to grow up, meet Prince Charming, and have him wrap her up in bubble wrap just like he would a piece of someone's "precious" furniture. Because that's how a guy really shows he loves you, by treating you like someone's "belonging" that needs to be moved with care (because wives, like that desk they're moving, better not come into a man's house tarnished in any manner).

Or at least that's what this Mayflower Moving commercial seems to want us to believe. They're the good guys! They protect the precious little ladies when they aren't busy protecting your precious belongings. Aww. How...precious.

But my sarcasm would not be well-appreciated by the makers of this commercial MayflowerMoving posted the commercial on YouTube and a lot of commenters took issue with the portrayal of the woman as a piece of property. But the video's poster came to its rescue, saying at one point, "really isn't meant to be sexiest! just supposed to show the care he has for both his wife and his work." And later, after even more female commenters failed to buy the "it's not sexiest!" bullshit, the poster replied, "The commercial is meant to be light-hearted. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They will be passed on to the creative team who created the ad." (AKA don't get your panties in a bunch, ladies, no sexism here! It's light-hearted! Smile! It won't kill you!).

Own up, Mayflower Moving. Women as property? That's one of the oldest sexist ideas ever. Advertising fail.

Thanks to reader Jennifer for the heads up.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot describe just how infuriating that commercial is!

So the bride is important to him as his work right? So he sees her as one of his beloved objects? That she's an important thing to him?

Not cute. Not sweet. Not funny at all. Just disgusting.